What is QHHT? How does it work?

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) is a technique of hypnosis created by Dolores Cannon which she has developed and refined over her 45-year career as a regressive hypnotherapist, working with thousands of clients in countries all over the world. Through QHHT (hypnosis) we are able to get to a very deep level of relaxation which is called in science theta wave brains. On this level the surface mind shuts down and makes room for the real you, the Higher Self. It is the state of the divine truth, the state of the pure consciousness. At that point impossible becomes possible since there will be no blockages or preconceived thoughts.

What is Subconscious/Higher self?

In QHHT Dolores called the divine entity "Subconscious", because she didn't know how to call it when she contacted it for the first time. You may call it the "Higher Self" or like people are calling in different religions as "Nirvana Sutra", "Jiva", "Holy Spirit". It is part of you, part of your metaphysical identity, it is your connection with the divine, the source. It is holding all the answer for all your questions and hold all the information and events happening in your lives, this life or others.

How do I connect with my Higher Self?

You are always connected with Higher Self. Communication is always done through the energy of thought, dreams or events you called coincidence or synchronicity. However, you can stop interfering and listen better to it through meditation, when you shut down all your surface thoughts. Through QHHT hypnosis you get even more than that. The Higher Self can connect through your body and answer to your questions. This is happening only with your permission.

Is hypnotherapy safe?

Absolutely! Hypnosis has been around for hundreds of years even more, and it is a non-intrusive therapy. You are always in control. People are so scared while they watch all these movies that do not have anything in common with the reality. Under hypnosis nothing can be done against your will. While you are in a trance the state is very similar with meditation or daydreaming if you do not do meditation. Also, we are being in this kind of state many time during the day. Like when you are driving home from work but you remember nothing along the way.

What is Past Life Regression?

Past life regression is a hypnosis technique, part of QHHT, that helps people to tap into the information of the past life that he/she lived. Once we get there everything is clear like a lucid dream, but more than that all senses and feelings are present. This is an amazing spiritual journey, especially when we pass the moment of death and we can see and understand the spiritual world.

How can QHHT help me?

The most important thing about QHHT is that is helping you to discover the true self. Once you come to that realization, many difficulties and phobias will go away. The most important emotion that drive us these days is fear which is the opposite of love. Through this kind of hypnosis we can find the main source of fear and remove it completely with the help and love of Higher Self. Also, many discomforts in your body that can do real damage in long term can be completely dissolved. QHHT can also help you to understand the course of your life and adjust it to the real purpose that you have chosen.

Prepare for a session

  •  Have a list of questions, I would say 15-20 that you would like to ask the Higher Self. The questions should be about you. However, you can ask about relatives as well, but you should focus on yourself.These question should be categorized.
    •  Spiritual life (purpose in life, life path, life experience)
    •  Relationship (as a child or adult)
    •  Career (should I change job or change career etc)
    •  Health (allergy, illness, pain etc)
  •  Make sure you set your state of mind to have a great session. If you think positive about it and prepare mentally in a positive way it will help to have great results. Try to meditate to induce the thought that you have great communication with your Higher self and you wish to communicate to it.
  •  Limit your caffeine for at least the day of the session or even a day before.
  •  The night before to not use alcohol, recreational drugs or any relaxation pills. It will help to keep your clear inner peace.
  •  Practice meditation for few days before the session. It will help to prepare for the session which is a similar experience.
  •  Don't get too excited the day before. Try to relax and have a good night sleep.
  •  Have a nice meal before the session. Not too much though but not too less either. You should feel comfortable.
  •  Try not to set expectations. That will help in the relaxation process. If you are too anxious may have negative results.
  •  Do not try to focus your mind during the session to remember it. I will record it for you and you can listen to it later.
  •  Wear comfortable clothing. You must be comfortable during the session.

About me

My name is Mihail and I am a QHHT practitioner. I have started as an engineer/computer guy (still doing that now) but I was fortunate enough to have my sudden and great spiritual awakening in the year of 2014. My first acknowledgement of God was about 15 years before that, but that was just a beginning at that time.

I am a messenger and in process to become a spiritual teacher, following the steps of the great masters. I am not afraid to talk to people and as matter of fact I have an urge for that. Since my awakening I have been guided by God, Higher Self and others to collect as much information as I could get. A lot of information comes directly from the source upon meditation or "Morning Updates".

Since I found Cannon Dolores and QHHT, I have realized that Dolores gave us a great gift. One of the most powerful tools we can use to awake the others. I encourage you, the reader to become yourself a practitioner of the quantum healing hypnosis technique. We have to be many and there is no competition but friendship and cooperation. Join me in the pursue to awakening the others, the road to happiness and love!


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"We are beautiful souls in the ocean of God."— Mihail Militaru